He stood up from his desk
and walked to the blackboard.

There was little objection
from his stunned teacher
and little notice from his
daydreaming classmates.

He picked up one of
the larger pieces of chalk
and freely scrawled:

XXXX _insert profound statement_ XXX

He quickly reviewed his work.
Satisfied, he dusted his hands
and walked out of the classroom.

I want to thank you for sharing the
crashing of the waves.

To sit on the golden sand
and look out and be reminded that
endless possibilities exist.

That life isn’t just tiny rooms
and living out of boxes.

That life won’t always be slamming cabinets
and emails that go ignored.

It meant so much to be intentional,
to stop the everyday
and to focus on two things:
us and an expansive horizon.

I can still smell the sea spray in your hair
and the hint of lotion on your skin.

I can still see the soft flutter of your dress
and your toes gently digging in the sand.

Press into me; please stay close.

Some years on
and I still know nothing
(I guess that’s something?)

But I was hoping to show you
a little something more

Hoping to open the door
that leads to sharing
and understanding

And maybe I can tomorrow
But maybe it’s also never
I don’t want to be a disappointment
so i’ll just stick to being clever

But let me share some truths:
Your scars look like wings
Your eyes twinkle so bright
and I know you see me.

Yes, you see me.

I know ‘cuz your eyes pierce right thru me.

Thank God for artificial light
Artificial light
Artificial light

I’m holding off the night
With artificial light
Artificial light

And every question’s a chasm
And every look is a void

(Let’s) Pretend everything’s alright
That everything’s alright
That everything’s alright
That everything’s alright

When I least expect them,
the heaviest bricks fall
directly on my head
leaving me starstruck
and dumbfounded.

But I’m not giving up.

No. No, I’m not.


Oh, my lovely, rusting statue.

My fingers trace your lips
while your eyes capture my faint smile.

We can’t seem to laugh or howl in sync
but we can still kiss and cry together.

Let’s open
one more bottle
and raise a toast
to these soft, warm tears.

The slow dull roar

That ceaseless sucking sound
that lies just beyond the horizon

Always present
Ever audible
and so goddamn patient

Never growing softer or louder
Never biting off more than it can chew

As sure as the sun will rise,
in time,
it will consume us all

Doors Open

Doors Shut

Thousands of Miles

Divided by Sand

I will take you at your word

Don’t give away your heart

The Joy is in the effort

Even if the work is futile

It all washes away at some point

Besides the flow of water feels so good across the skin

Don’t save it for tomorrow

Tomorrow may never arrive

Wake up today and taste every breath

With an appetite that cannot be sated