I recently watched “Murder In The Front Row,” a documentary about the Bay area Thrash Metal scene and figured I’d share some thoughts/notes:

-I think it was a “fun” watch. It was a homecoming of sorts for a bunch of cool musicians to remember their past (remember, we’re talking early 1980’s). Their enthusiasm and teenage stories were cool to hear. The early photos and the video was rad. Glad that they had people who were shooting film for posterity, especially well before camera cell phones made it so common place.

-I think if you are into this genre, you probably won’t hear any new stories or learn anything you didn’t already know
-I think the plot/story was a little fuzzy, almost as though the filmmaker couldn’t decide if he was going to make a early Metallica documentary, an Exodus documentary or a Bay area Thrash Metal documentary. While all of the three narratives were good, it felt disjointed and probably could’ve been even better if this was better defined.