Description: “The beacons refract off the cracked citadels.”

  1. “Restless” by GTVNA
  2. “Gumshoe Blues” by Paul Pritchard
  3. “Posing In Bondage” by Japanese Breakfast
  4. “Dark Blue Sky” by FM Attack
  5. “Deep Dream” by STRFKR
  6. “Raw Elegant” by Lord Apex, V Don, Murs
  7. “Tertiary” by Akasha System
  8. “Specter City” by Tommy Guerrero
  9. “the rot” by Dean Blunt

Description:Up all night and down all day.”

  1. “get down w/me” by xela fella
  2. “Falling (blackbear Remix)” by Trevor Daniel, blackbear
  3. “Marcus in Toyland” by Lost in Los Angeles
  4. “Gravity” by Serve The Servants
  5. “Je suis all about you” by Alice et Mol
  6. “Hal Hal” by Nazen Şoray
  7. “Easy Living” by Mono/Poly, Kimbra
  8. “Together” by Niveum
  9. “nara” by hauste

Description:It’s been so, so, so long and yet soon it will be now.”

  1. “Fuubutsushi” by Chasing Mirrors
  2. “Phone” by 96 Back
  3. “Head Above The Parakeets” by HAAi
  4. “Sundial” by Bicep
  5. “Neon Mirror” by Polyenso
  6. “Awake” by Rosehip
  7. “Cool Your Heart – Equiknoxx Remix” by Dirty Projectors, Dawn Richard, Gavsborg, Equiknoxx
  8. “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” by Father John Misty
  9. “White Flag” by Fink

Description:“A panoply of colors break from the soil to drink in the sunlight.”

  1. “Na Dalo” by Volta Jazz
  2. “Only Loved at Night” by The Raincoats
  3. “Longing to Be the Mountain” by King Buffalo
  4. “The Darkness That You Fear – Edit” by The Chemical Brothers
  5. “Helix (Edit)” by Kelly Moran
  6. “Phaser” by Superdrag
  7. “Ansumana” by Susso
  8. “Indian Ocean” by Unwed Sailor
  9. “Blimp Mason” by Home Video

Description:“We turned around for one last look and then never looked back again.”  

  1. “Ghettos Worldwide” by digitalluc
  2. “Level Nine” by Mala
  3. “I Don’t Need a Hero” by Danz CM
  4. “Is It True = Four Tet Remix” by Tame Impala, Four Tet
  5. “Magic – Iglooghost Remix” by Cuushe, Igloohost
  6. “Shape” by Porches
  7. “Future Love (Reimagined by Pêtr Aleksänder)” by Ride, Pêtr Aleksänder
  8. “Tape 9, Pt. 1” by Ahmed Malek, Natureboy Flako
  9. “Dedicated” by Sweet Trip

Description: “Pixelated Sun on skin; Again and again.”

  1. “The Lonely Tower” by flashygoodness
  2. “Yuma Yuma” by Yamasuki Singers
  3. “Midwest” by DJ Unwind
  4. “Stay With Me” by Peaceful Melody, soave lofi
  5. “Meraki” by Seven & Seven
  6. “Atom Dream” by William Orbit
  7. “Machines Are People Too” B 3 N B i
  8. “The Traitor” by Menahan Street Band
  9. Apaixonada” by Lula Côrtes, Lailson

Description: “A snapshot of peace frozen behind large glass panes. Neon security.”

  1. “Charlotte’s Thong” by Connan Mockasin
  2. “The Magnificent Moon” by Mildlife
  3. “Because This Must Be” by Nils Frahm
  4. “Just A Candle” by Wax Tailor, Mark Lanegan
  5. “Just A Dream” by AK
  6. “Dr. Echt” by Laurel Halo
  7. “Deep Politics” by Grails
  8. “A Purse of Gold and Stars” by My Dying Bride
  9. “Floating Lotus” by Kitaro