An astonishing curve thrown at the retreating night

has sent me spinning.

How quickly life is uprooted from its tracks.

The capsized wheels.

The bits of broken glass.

My breath pouring out of my chest

falling in and out of rhythm.

A break in the darkness by flashlights 

cresting the dark hills.

The new normal encroaches

​upon the fading fragments of what was.

The long not-being / the briefest spark; animation / the eternal ah-ha!

Seek inspiration in immolation.

Know truth in being subsumed.

Life is not accumulating love, power or things;
Nor is it the the loss of them.

Life is not the avoidance of harm or hurt;
Nor their absence.  

Life is the moment we recognize what (not who) we are.

Description: A dalliance with bravery – short-lived and long dead. Please regard the drying liquor on the cracked sidewalk. 

1) “No Talk” by River Tiber
2) “Yeah Plan From A1385” by Underworld
3) “Follow The Leader” by Matthew Ryan
4) “Dosidomifa, Pt. II” by Chassol
5) “False Angel Lullaby” by X.Y.R.
6) “Baraamad” by Golnoosh Salehi
7) “Creature” by It Looks Sad.
8) “Ticking Hands” by Lusine, Sarah Mcllwain
9) “Liberations” by Johannes Bornlof