The Library Of Babble began in March 2018. I realized after writing a poem that I missed playing with words. When I was younger, I used to scrawl in spiral bound notebooks, be it poems, thoughts or song lyric ideas. Also, I was in a several rock bands and enjoyed writing and practicing songs. The effort, the spontaneity and the serendipity of writing and performing live music with others was awesome. Band practice was fun. Performing was fun. It was communal. It was ritual. The community of it. The adversarial “us against the world” feeling of it. The plotting and the planning.  The thought that the effort and the odds were worth it.

Juxtaposed with that was the antithesis of community and performance – the silent reflection; the alone time. Sometimes it was an afternoon walk in the woods; other times it was 2am at a diner with bad coffee.  Either way, for better or worse, it was me alone with my thoughts.  

All these thoughts made me want another “spiral notebook.” A collection of pages that I could scrawl in and share with others. I didn’t started Library Of Babble with a clear “message” or “focus” of what I wanted to say. I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to say – but knew I wanted to write and share. 

Having recently re-read the “Library Of Babel” by Jorges Luis Borges, his story felt right as an inspiration for the name. His short story is about a library that housed every conceivable book ever written. I figured that my website could be similar.; my website, my little carve out of the internet. It didn’t have to have a detailed focus or a speak to a tight-knit following.  Instead, the website houses my interests (be they passing or lifelong interests). 

And so, on a whim one weekend, I bought the URL and started with the “guiding principle” for the Library Of Babble which is: “Walk the passages. Peruse the shelves. Scan the entries. Possess an open mind.” That is still as true today as it was on March 17th, 2018.

Thank you for visiting!

Prolonged Focus: A Longer Read (Essay, Short Story, Long Article, etc.)
Pulling From The Shelves: A Selection Of Notable Articles
Reading List: A List of The Patron’s Readings This Year

Walk the passages. Peruse the shelves. Scan the entries. Possess an open mind.

​1) Origin Story (“The Library of Babel” by Jorge Luis Borges)
2) Commentary (“Borges, The Universe And The Infinite Library” by Marcelo Gleiser)
3) Visualizations (w/ Great Gratitude to Various Artists)