Another day. Repeated transgression.
A flow of information
from an unknown source.

Your signaled inflection
reveals intention.

Did I mention your obsession
with course correction?

Plain words,
spoken in my voice; Until hoarse.

Let’s reverse course,
from discord to discourse

Why You’re Unlikely To Get The Coronavirus From Runners Or Cyclists – good news for those of us trying to stay active outdoors during shelter-in-place

CBO predicts a 40 percent GDP drop this quarter – while the number is staggering it’s not surprising given the shelter-in-place and the surrounding restrictions on many businesses and industries

Meet Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s Sister—And Possible Successor In North Korea – a little background about his younger sister

Impeach Him Again – a strong argument can be made that President Trump’s misinformation and mismanagement of federal resources have (and will) harm many more Americans than would have been if COVID-19 was taken more seriously and sooner 

The landscape moves
but I don’t seem to get anywhere

The buildings scroll by but the view doesn’t change
Nothing ever appears closer

There is no focus

Everyone is asking for a hand
Everyone needs something to be carried

Despite the caffeine
and the sick ass beats
I am:
No more alert
No more able

My energy simply isn’t available 
Like sand through my hands,

I cannot control it.

I cannot effect change here.

Paris Mayor: It’s Time For A ’15-Minute City’ – imagine that work, play and food and more are all within fifteen minutes of where you live – and you live in a world-class city…

It’s Time To Build – a venture capitalist’s call to think about how to innovate and build our society into a future of preparedness re: education, manufacturing, solutioning, etc.

Another Pandemic Woe: Zoom Fatigue – all of this Zoom usage is literally messing with our minds

US Monitoring Intelligence That North Korean Leader Is In Grave Danger After Surgery – hard to get info about the “Hermit Kingdom” of North Korea and it’s leader Kim Jong-Un, but here’s a potentially big headline