We’re Not Going Back To Normal – compelling article about how things will be different for long after shelter-in-place is revoked.

Scamming Pizza Hut Was My Family Tradition – this is some black belt level scamming of the Book It! Pizza Hut program.

Trump Says He Advises Coronavirus Task Force Not To Contact Unappreciative Governors – criticism of the federal government’s actions (or inactions) means that governors aren’t appreciative…

Those Who Intentionally Spread Coronavirus Could Be Charged As Terrorists – not sure why someone would want to intentionally harm another by infecting them with a virus.

I’m not a skateboarder but I really enjoyed the beauty and surreal nature of such a massive metropolis like Los Angeles being so devoid of cars and people. I also really enjoyed thinking about what a thrill this was for the skaters to have this once in a lifetime opportunity and that they got to record it and share with all of us!