Struck by an arrow at the apex,
the answer lies far below.

It’s switchbacks all the way down
(absence of sound meet desertion of ground) 

We begin our descent,
fully versed in allegory and alimony. 

When we reach 
the place where the 
mountain base meets the open plain

-The entry point where the horizon floods the senses-

It is there that 
we will catch our breaths
forget about death
and recall once more
why we choose to keep on living.

Pandora’s box swings shut; 
The resounding clap 
breaks the skies right open.

Sun-kissed and dappled;
Blossomed and plumed. 

And with that, 
the splendor comes shining,

​Remove the locket
Undo your pockets

Leave all of these baubles behind.

There is no need for 
memories or reminders
of this thing that is no more.

Let these things go.

It needn’t be dramatic;

No fires or rituals
No anguish or torment.

Simply toss them aside 
and move on.