We are cut from the same cloth
(pay no mind whether devoid or divine).
This canvas of stars;
this fabric of time.

Disruption by deafening silence;
we are torn asunder.

Separated for years
(you later recalled thru tears).
The sequined squalls;
the tumult of misfortune. 

Without you,
I am lost and fading.

Without us,
I register reckless dim.

Send your beacon out.
Use your luminosity to guide me back to you.
Concentrate your rapturous rays
and bridge this divide. 

Once near,
pull me close.
Let me in your ambit.
I need you to feel my obsequious glow.

We are ethereal;
chemical swirl.

Unmasking the victims
underpinned by reverie;

Restrained by obligation
and suppressing gunfire.

The sky lays down its cards
with polemic zeal.

The seawater wearily lurks
with timing.

is briefly illuminated
by the symphony’s
fulgent blaze.

Dysmorphic reflux.

Catastrophic redux. 

The harrowing horror of waiting out the night weighs heavy,
brooding that relief may not arrive with the approaching dawn.