Heat transfer
Subliminal reduction

A handmade bowl
placed near your feet

Serenity fixed
Intrinsic magic

A long draw of wine; 
muted discourse

Lingering curfew
Exalted static

Your slender neck
arched and inviting

Prolonged slumber
Digital satisfaction

Your lingering embrace
haunts and pervades

Why Millennials Are Facing The Scariest Financial Future Of Any Generation Since The Great Depression.

Why Millennials Aren’t Buying Cars Or Houses, And What That Means For The Economy

Does Anyone Even Know What A Millennial Is Any More?

It’s the paints in their foil tubes
and the taut stretch of canvas.

It’s the fine brushes lying in the tray 
like the dawn waiting behind stage curtains for its debut.

It’s knowing that at
something wonderful 
will be revealed

​and the wait will have been worth it.

Haven’t you heard
the tables have turned?

Frictionless function in conjunction
with a mile wide smile.

Movement of a spotless sun.

You were the only one who could
traverse the waters to those
crystalline coasts.

The only one wanting me, 
wanting more.

​Help me, help you;
to settle the score
before the shores are
no longer  
devoid of consequence.  

An astonishing curve thrown at the retreating night

has sent me spinning.

How quickly life is uprooted from its tracks.

The capsized wheels.

The bits of broken glass.

My breath pouring out of my chest

falling in and out of rhythm.

A break in the darkness by flashlights 

cresting the dark hills.

The new normal encroaches

​upon the fading fragments of what was.